10 Nu-Metal Bands Who Were Surprisingly Real As Hell

May 18, 2021

Nu-metal had problems. Today, a fresh generation of listeners remembers the genre for its on-the-face-of-it diversity and its tradition-crushing heaviness — which is good, because those things were what made it worthwhile overall. But those […]


10 Genres Everyone Hated That Are Now Popular Again

November 4, 2020

Music trends are cyclical. The wheels spins like this: a genre or sound starts off, and it’s novel, interesting, and experimental. After underground fans catch on, it eventually spreads to mainstream listeners who love the […]


Love Nu-Metal? Here are 10 Bands to Check Out.

April 22, 2020

Nu-metal is often remembered for its high highs, its low lows, and its red hat-wearing fans of Limp Bizkit. While this little subgenre divided many metal fans during the hey-day of late 1990s to early […]