12 of the Best Ska Covers of Metal Songs

January 29, 2021

It might be hard to believe, but in the late ’90s metal and ska were pals. The Warped Tour ska-punk crowd had an appreciation for the cheese of ’80s metal, partly out of an ironic […]


Here’s Metallica’s Business Card from 1982

January 20, 2021

For our younger readers, business cards were sort of like tiny paper LinkedIn profiles that you could hand out at meetings to give other people your information. Back in the ’80s, they also became a […]


The 40 Greatest Metal Drinking Songs of All Time

December 2, 2020

Drinking will always be an important part of heavy metal culture. Spiritually, alcohol gives way to the loud, brash frenzy fostered by ancient gods like Dionysus, and so is loved by fans of singalongs and […]

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