Slipknot’s 9 Most Insane Music Videos

February 4, 2019

Ever since 1999, when they first set the metal world on its ear, Slipknot have made it very clear that their creativity extends well beyond freaky masks and brutal music. The band’s videos have often […]


How to Slay Download 2017

June 8, 2017

June might just be another summer month for anyone around the world, but for 80,000 British metalheads and rock fans, June means making a sacred pilgrimage to the hallowed grounds of Donington Park, June means […]


Gojira just slayed Britain

March 28, 2017

  Gojira just invaded Britain again. This time they came equipped with a Grammy nomination, their most emotionally charged album to date, an army of new fans and a light show to blow your tiny […]


17 Ways That Mastodon Revolutionised Metal

March 22, 2017

On January 1, 2000, Bill Kelliher and Brann Dailor, friends since adolescence and musical collaborators first in death metal act Lethargy then noise rock heroes Today Is The Day, left their hometown of Rochester, New […]

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