10 Post-Rock Albums Every Metal Fan Should Hear

June 10, 2021

Metal and post-rock might seem like two opposing styles of music on the surface. Where one emphasizes power and intensity, the other focuses on abstraction and contemplation. What would a band like Mastodon have in […]


10 Joke Metal Bands Who Are Seriously Heavy

June 1, 2021

Most metal bands take themselves extremely seriously — which is why they’re so much fun to make fun of. Claiming your art is no laughing matter is the ultimate challenge to anyone with a sense […]


11 Bands Who Wouldn’t Be Here Without Dracula

May 26, 2021

Horror icons have come and gone over the ages, but few if any have remained as immortally loved and feared as Count Dracula. Bram Stoker’s vampire supervillain has been so thoroughly used and adapted over […]


10 Nu-Metal Bands Who Were Surprisingly Real As Hell

May 18, 2021

Nu-metal had problems. Today, a fresh generation of listeners remembers the genre for its on-the-face-of-it diversity and its tradition-crushing heaviness — which is good, because those things were what made it worthwhile overall. But those […]

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