Black Orchid Empire’s Paul Visser: 5 Albums That Changed My Life

July 21, 2020

U.K. heavy alt-rock trio Black Orchid Empire recently released their new sci-fi concept album and third full-length overall, Semaphore, via Long Branch Records. The band — comprised of vocalist-guitarist Paul Visser, vocalist-bassist David Ferguson and drummer Billy […]


Ardra: Songs to Live By

July 15, 2020

Earlier this year, Bay Area-based deathcore quintet Ardra dropped their debut full-length, Unto Leviathan, which features the ferocious single “To Walk With Fire.” “We and many others have worked so hard to bring this together,” […]


Smackbound’s Netta Laurenne: Songs to Live By

July 9, 2020

At its heart, music is all about emotion. Signed to expansive metal label Frontiers, Finnish metal band Smackbound have recently released their debut album 20/20. But the quintet are not new to the scene — […]


Anamorph: 5 Surprising Albums We Love

July 7, 2020

Back in the innocent days of September 2019, Raleigh, North Carolina-based progressive metal group Anamorph released their soaring, kaleidoscopic full-length Lucid. At just under an hour long, the album — which was recorded by renowned […]


Northlane’s Brendon Padjasek: 5 Surprising Albums I Love

June 23, 2020

Aussie metalcore outfit Northlane recently released their fifth studio album, Alien, an intense record that delves into frontman Marcus Bridge’s violent upbringing living with drug-addicted parents. While there are important, heartfelt and serious tones and influences in […]

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