When Chester Bennington Stole the Show in ‘Saw VII’

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Well before the time Saw VII rolled into theaters, the iconic horror film series had dove head-first into the waters of melodrama. Not that melodrama is a major issue, but in Saw‘s case, the suspense was becoming a tad tiresome.

That said, one aspect of the Saw movies that had not lost any traction was that of its gruesome and shocking traps, and in regard to Saw VII, one of its stand-out moments involves the late Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington in such a brutal trap. (Spoilers for Saw VII ahead).

Toward the beginning of the film, Bennington’s character is seen waking up in the driver’s seat of a car. Confused as to where he is and attempting to move, he (painfully) realizes that he is glued to the seat.

Eventually, Jigsaw’s voice is heard providing instructions for the “game” he faces. According to Jigsaw, Bennginton’s character must strive to lunge forward and pull a lever in front of him; of course, doing so will require a great deal of effort to pull from his glued position. If he does not pull this lever in time, he and those around him will be fatally wounded.

The game commences, and in traditional Saw fashion, the scene is overwhelming with anxious energy. The score and sound design are firing on full cylinders as Bennington’s character is being shouted at by his pals around him. He strives to lean forward to pull the lever, and in doing so, we see how much flesh from his back is being peeled off.

Among the numerous traps featured throughout the Saw movies, this scene is hands down one of the most gruesome and uncomfortable to watch. Whoever did the special effects work for Bennington’s back deserves major recognition, cause that shit looks horrific.

But unfortunately, things don’t work out for Bennington’s character and his friends. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen this scene, you can revisit it below, or watch it via this link here. Also below you’ll find an interview of Chester talking about his role in the movie.

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