One Of The Most Evil Black Metal Hordes Once Played A Shopping Mall

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Black metal is veiled in an aura of the enigmatic, intertwined deeply with themes of misanthropy and obscurity.

It erects a sound that is both antagonistic in its rawness and immersive in its mystery. Steeped in opposition to the mainstream and shrouded in a cloak of impenetrable darkness, this ethos resonates by means of discordant melodies and haunting atmospherics.

Hailing from the depths of Finland’s metal scene, Beherit stands as a testament to the genre’s relentless power. Often acknowledged as one of the most sonically violent and influential entities within the black metal pantheon, they have long shaped the sound and vision of the movement.

Through classics like Drawing Down the Moon, Beherit’s auditory assault weaves a dense fabric of industrialized chaos and ritualistic fervor that has forever left a mark on the kvlt faithful.

However, every journey has an origin, and even the most enigmatic bands start with humble beginnings.

Beherit’s nascent days are captured in a rare piece of footage that shows a young band playing their hearts out at a local battle of the bands.

This event took place on June 25th, 1990, at a shopping mall, a setting far removed from the expected confines of the underground black metal scene.

It’s a pertinent reminder that the seeds of a band’s evolution often germinate in unexpected places.

The video bearing the title “Sampokeskus bändikilpailu” offers a glimpse into this formative moment for Beherit. From the Finnish language, the name translates to “Battle of the Bands at Sampokekus Shopping Centre.”

Rovaniemi, the shopping center’s location in northern Finland, is renowned for something entirely divergent from the black metal aesthetic—it is widely celebrated as the official home of Santa Claus, an irony not lost on those with even a passing familiarity of the chilling, brooding nature of black metal’s established aesthetics.

Check out the footage below!