An Indie Rock Legend Made A Haunting Album Of Acoustic Misfits Covers

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Misfits songs are anthems for generations that weave through the fabric of underground identity, and covering the horror-punk icon has become a musical rite of passage for countless bands over the years.

It’s a trend arguably popularized by Metallica, whose renditions of “Last Caress” and “Green Hell” introduced the band to a broader audience.

Since then, thousands of bands have added their touches to Misfits classics. For all the aggression that is common in these covers, translating their seminal works into quieter genres is nearly unheard of.

Enter David Pajo—a name that may not scream punk or metal on the surface but is etched deeply in alternative music history.

His work with the band Slint is pivotal in defining the post-rock genre, and his collaborations read like a who’s who of influential acts. Pajo has put his eclectic touch to work with artists ranging from Will Oldham and Tortoise, to Zwan and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, evidencing a range far beyond the expectations of genre purists.

However, Pajo’s roots are more punk than they might appear at first glance. “I supported Glenn Danzig‘s Samhain when I was very young, with [pre-Slint band] Maurice, and I had never done any touring before,” he recounted in an interview with The Skinny. ” I hadn’t even played that many shows; those I had played were all within a 15-mile radius of where I lived. So to play places like Detroit, to travel and play shows, especially with Danzig’s band… we were all huge Misfits fans.”

“I know [Danzig] gets a lot of shit, but despite his sort of thuggish behavior, he is a really smart guy,” said Pajo. “To have him show me the right way to play some Misfits songs was a dream come true for me.”

The concept of a solo acoustic album filled with Misfits covers might seem like a novelty, but David Pajo’s unique aptitude and musical sensibility make him an ideal candidate for such a tribute.

Much like Glenn Danzig’s own 2020 project covering Elvis Presley, Pajo’s Scream With Me stands as a poignant love letter to his idols.

An acoustic rendition of “Last Caress” first surfaced in 2004 under Pajo’s alias Papa M, showcasing just a taste of what was to come. That year, at least nine more Misfits covers were immortalized on a humble tape recorder as the musician couch-surfed across Brooklyn.

Pajo’s rendition of “Angel Fuck” found its way onto a Misfits tribute compilation by Louisville artists in 2007. This track reappeared in 2009 when it emerged alongside eight additional Misfits covers on the limited vinyl release Scream With Me by Black Tent Press.

After becoming a coveted item among collectors and unavailable for over a decade, Scream With Me was reissued by UK label uSuper in October of 2023.

This release offers both aficionados and newcomers alike a chance to experience Pajo’s singular vision, proving that the right artist can breathe a different kind of life into the most unlikely songs.