When a Nu-Metal Icon Performed on a Ski Mountain in a Tanktop

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Crazy Town was a strange band.

Though mostly known for their meteoric hit song “Butterfly,” the band’s output was squarely in the world of aggro nu-metal. Fronted by vocalist Shifty Shellshock and rapper Bred “Epic” Mazur, Crazy Town’s debut Gift of Game was front-to-back big riffs and pure braggadocio.

In 2001, the band performed an incredibly bizarre show, the Snow Job festival in Montreal. The show is absolutely pure, 100% unsaturated nu-metal, mashing up music and extreme sports, like the two belong. While bands performed for a crowd of onlookers, snowboarders hit the slopes behind the goings on, ripping powder while Crazy Town ripped riffs.

Maybe most crazy of all is that Shifty Shellshock is just rocking a tanktop in this weather. It’s an insane sight amongst his fellow bandmates who are all dressed in layers for the occasion. Not to mention, the sea of spectators in front of the band who are clad in head-to-toe snowboarding gear, leaving Shifty the lone martyr rocking a beater.

Throughout the performance, you’d be hard-pressed to tell that any of this was affecting Shifty. Sure, Crazy Town was never setting the world on fire with their live performances, but they performed pretty well at this event, Shifty nailing all of his parts and never drawing attention once to it.

Shifty is also rocking a ton of ice, well, in the ice, wearing a huge chain around his neck and a bunch of silver bracelets of varying sizes. He’s a living avatar for nu-metal extraness in the video, every single aspect of what he’s doing is pretty wild.

Sadly, he eventually had to tap out of only wearing the tank top, eventually throwing on a hoodie midway through the set. Still, a pretty light layer considering that it’s actively snowing down on the festival.

It’s a totally unreal sight. Check it out for yourself below.

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