Foo Fighters Joins Spotify’s Billion Streams Club With Hit Song

Daniel Boczarski / Getty Images
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Not too many songs have crossed the billion-stream club on Spotify, let alone rock songs.

Recently, Foo Fighters entered that club, thanks to… what else? “Everlong” of course.

Originally released in August 1997, “Everlong” quickly emerged as a standout track on the band’s critically acclaimed album, “The Colour And The Shape”. Its raw energy and emotive lyrics resonated with fans, propelling it to number three on the US Billboard Alternative Songs chart and the Canadian RPM Rock/Alternative chart. The single’s success was further solidified in October 2017 when it achieved 2x multi-platinum status in the United States, as certified by the RIAA.

Beyond its chart success, “Everlong” has found a place in the hearts of rock fans worldwide. The track has sold over 2 million units in the United States and an impressive 1.2 million in the United Kingdom. Its influence extends into the digital realm as well, featuring in popular video games like Rock Band 2, Rock Band Unplugged, Guitar Hero World Tour, and Rocksmith 2014.

You’d be hard pressed to not call it a classic. It’s the perfect middle point between catchy and rocking, fitting in perfectly in a multitude of different environments. One of our favorite inclusions was on David Letterman’s final episode of the Late Show. The clip captured multiple moments from the show’s run, feeling both joyous and a little bittersweet. Maybe those emotions are why we all love the song.

The achievement of one billion streams on Spotify is a remarkable indicator of “Everlong”‘s lasting appeal. The song’s journey from a 90s rock anthem to a 21st-century streaming giant is a testament to the Foo Fighters’ continued relevance in the music world. The band, known for their dynamic sound and electrifying performances, has once again proven their ability to transcend time and trends, solidifying their status as alternative rock superstars.

Hopefully the billion streams means they got to net a nice amount of cash. Watch the video below for old times sake.