Why Corey Taylor Would Take His Solo Project Over Slipknot

Scott Dudelson / Getty Images
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Corey Taylor released his first solo album CMFT back in 2020, and while he’s promoted his solo act in the past, it’s been as of this year that the frontman seems to really be embracing more of his solo artistic side.

Over the course of 2023, Taylor has toured in promotion of his newest album CMF2 (which came out in September), and has spent several interviews talking about how much excitement and opportunity this project affords him.

Taylor recently spoke about this sense of opportunity in a new chat with BBC Radio 6 Music’s Mary Anne Hobbs, their conversation involving a variety of “either-or” questions. Among the questions asked of the frontman, Hobbs asks him “Slipknot or solo?” In response, Taylor ultimately chooses “solo,” speaking about what it is about that specific project that has his attention at the moment.

When it comes to Slipknot, he expresses much gratitude for what he’s been able to do with the band. He also mentions a rather interesting sentiment, saying, “I sincerely hope that I’m a part of it until I hang the mask up.”

Regarding what he has to say about both acts when it comes to “Slipknot or solo,” Taylor shares the following (as transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“Interesting. I’m going to say solo, only because I’m starting it right now. And I’m really starting to kind of find myself in it. ‘Cause it really essentially started as an experiment. I had all these songs that I wanted to share with people, and I really couldn’t give them to either band. So it was, like, ‘Okay, well, we’re just gonna have to create a third option.'”

The Slipknot singer goes on to add the following:

“Slipknot is something that can never be replaced in my heart, can never be replaced in my life, and I sincerely hope that I’m a part of it until I hang the mask up. But the solo thing, there’s so much that I can play with, and I’m afforded the freedom and the luxury to be able to create, song-wise, that it’s exciting to me every time I think about it. And maybe that’s just because I’ve spent 25, 27 years now, in Slipknot that I am so excited about this shiny new toy or whatever. But I’ve explored so much in Slipknot and it excites me to think about what’s next for Slipknot. But when it comes to this, it can be even more personal than I’ve allowed myself to be with Slipknot. And it could be just because of my age as well. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve tried almost everything, and yet here I am, 25 years ostensibly after my first real release, and I’m still trying to break new ground musically and doing it in a way that doesn’t feel forced, doing it in a way where the song is still king and really try to put my heart into it. And I think my solo career is going to be responsible for that. And I think that’s going to inspire me to open up even more in Slipknot down the road. As I get older, I’m less likely to hold things back and more likely to try — and not just to kind of overpower people with it, but to share it. Which is completely different.”

In other Slipknot-related news, the band recently announced that they have parted ways with drummer Jay Weinberg.