When Sharon Osbourne Made an Indecent Proposal to Joey From ‘Friends’

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Sharon Osbourne is not your average celebrity spouse. A brutal manager who takes no bullshit from anyone, the Princess Of Darkness is a force to be reckoned with in the world of entertainment in and of herself. 

Her fierce determination, unfiltered candidness, and unwavering confidence can be rather intimidating. She’s not one to mince words, and whether it’s managing her family’s career, judging on talent shows, or handling client disputes, she doesn’t back down. 

Her sharp wit, barbed tongue, and strong presence have earned Osbourne both admiration and apprehension in the industry, making her a formidable figure that commands respect and often leaves people wondering what she’ll do or say next.

Strangely enough, someone who was once on the receiving end of one of Osbourne’s more outlandish comments was none other than Matt LeBlanc. Through his role as Joey Tribianni on the hit sitcom Friends and Vinnie Verducci on Married… With Children, the actor has long been established as an odd sort of sex symbol in his own right.

In an interview with Conan O’Brien, LeBlanc opened up about what happened when he met Sharon Osbourne at the Golden Globes in 2012.

LeBlanc had just won the award for his work on the Showtime comedy, Episodes. After accepting his statue, the actor went backstage to do press, and it was there that he received an indecent proposal from rock and roll royalty.

“I run into Sharon Osbourne, and I say, ‘My God, I’m such a big fan of your husband’s. He is so awesome.’” the Friends star recalled.

“And this is what she says to me, with a completely straight face … immediately she goes, “Oh, that’s great! Maybe after this, you’ll come back to the house and we’ll have a threesome.’”

He then went on to speculate that Sharon “was obviously, hopefully, kidding.” Conan O’Brien insisted “I can tell you, she was not.” 

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On her show The Talk, Sharon mentioned the encounter, saying she was “ish-ish” kidding and adding, “If he’d had gone for it, I would’ve called my husband and said, ‘Listen…'”