Watch: Rush Guitarist Alex Lifeson Joins Tool Onstage for ‘Jambi’

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Last night (November 20th) at Tool‘s show in Toronto, the crowd was treated to a delightful surprise when Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson made his way out on stage to join the Los Angeles, California metal band.

As noted by the website Rush Is A Band, it was at the end of Tool’s first set when Lifeson came out on stage, joining them for a performance of their song “Jambi.”

The group led into the track with a brief snippet of Rush’s “A Passage to Bangkok,” and then added a little of “2112: Overture” in the middle; Lifeson did some soloing toward the end.

On Instagram, Lifeson uploaded a photo featuring him standing next to Tool guitarist Adam Jones; in the caption associated with this post, the Rush guitarist writes about what his experience was like at this recent concert.

Per Lifeson, he shares the following: “What an honour and delight it was playing with one of my favourite bands last night. I’ve loved @toolmusic since the first time I listened to them. They are such a great band and I am lucky to call them friends. One of the many high points of the evening was gifting my @epiphone Les Paul to @adamjones_tv. His playing is inspirational and speaks to my soul like no other guitarist. Respecto, brother. ~Lerxst”

Below you will find Alex Lifeson’s post, as well as a couple of fan-captured videos of Tool’s performance from that show, with each featuring the Rush guitarist.

In other news related to Rush, Geddy Lee recently shared that he’s open to bringing the band back with Lifeson. In other Tool-related news, bassist Justin Chancellor recently talked about when the band plans to start working on their next album.



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Tool plays “Jambi” with Rush’s Alex Lifeson

Rush’s Alex Lifeson joins Tool on stage