Watch: A Drive-Thru Employee Mistakes Five Finger Death Punch’s Ivan Moody For Disturbed’s David Draiman

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Ivan Moody of the Las Vega, Nevada metal band Five Finger Death Punch recently experienced a comical moment of mistaken identity while picking up some food at a Taco John’s.

Per a new video the frontman has shared on TikTok, Moody is seen sitting in his car and parked in front of a drive-thru window; behind him, an employee is seen leaning outside said window.

Addressing viewers, the Five Finger Death Punch singer shares a story regarding how this employee hilariously mistook him for being Disturbed singer David Draiman.

Per Moody, he shares, “So I just pulled up to Taco John’s, and this young lady right here just asked me if I was in a band, and I was like yes. And she said I look just like who?”

In response to Moody, the Taco John’s employee chimes in and says, “The lead singer from Disturbed.”

Turning around and looking back at his camera, Moody shares a brief message directed at the Disturbed frontman, “I love you, Dave.”

Below you will find Ivan Moody’s video featuring him and the Taco John’s employee. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you bumped into a famous celebrity and accidentally mistook them for someone else?

In other news related to the Five Finger Death Punch singer, this past summer, he moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming and opened up two new businesses. One of those businesses is a rock and roll themed convenience store and gas station, the other is an intensive outpatient facility that will provide treatment services to those struggling with addiction and mental health disorders.

In recent news related to Disturbed frontman David Draiman, have you seen the footage of him calling out an audience who was booing Taylor Swift? Upon hearing their boos, the singer defended her and said, “Shut the fuck up, Taylor Swift kicks fucking ass.”

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