Watch: David Draiman Calls Out Disturbed Fans Booing Taylor Swift, Says ‘She Kicks Fu***** A**’

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Disturbed frontman David Draiman appears to be a big Taylor Swift stan. This past summer, Draiman expressed his admiration for the pop star and spoke about his desire to collaborate with her. Among the comments he shared about Swift, Draiman said, “I would love to cover a Taylor Swift song… I think she is one of the most prolific songwriters of our generation.”

Draiman is also very comfortable standing up for the pop star when it comes to his own fans, for upon mentioning her name at a Disturbed show and hearing the audience boo, the frontman shouted to them to “shut the fuck up.”

Per a video that has surfaced on TikTok, this incident took place at one of the stops on the Chicago, Illinois nu-metal band’s recent, and record-breaking, Take Back Your Life Tour.

Per this particular footage, which you can watch below, Draiman is seen addressing a specific fan in the crowd. Talking to this fan, Draiman says, “You sure you’re okay? I’ve been worried about you the whole set. ‘Cause first she’s standing, and literally she’s got a look on her face like her boyfriend brought her to the wrong damn concert.”

The Disturbed frontman adds, “But I saw you singing ‘The Sound of Silence’ with me, so I knew that couldn’t be the case.”

Draiman then follows this up by playfully mentioning Swift, saying, “I mean, I know this isn’t Taylor Swift, but you know we’re doing our best.”

Mentioning Swift’s name then draws a variety of responses from the crowd, some of which are boos. When it comes to these booing fans, Draiman has one message for them: “Shut the fuck up, Taylor Swift kicks fucking ass.”

Is David Draiman the biggest Taylor Swift stan in all of heavy metal? Well, he’s yet to cover one of her songs, unlike Dragonforce and Arch Enemy‘s Alissa White-Gluz, who performed a metal cover of a Taylor Swift song live together.

David Draiman defends Taylor Swift

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