The Slipknot Fan Who Became a Member Because He Fought Clown During a Show

Photo by Gina Ferazzi/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images
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Slipknot built their career with an ethos of always trying to be the most bat-shit crazy, unhinged, and insane performers in metal.

Whether there were 10 kids in the audience or 2,000, they went for broke and left every ounce of emotion and physicality on stage, every single night.

So with a band that prided itself on being crazy, it makes all the sense in the world that Slipknot member Sid Wilson had to prove to them that he was just as mentally deranged before they’d let him in.

Sid was a fan of the band and had the opportunity to jam with them, but he knew he had to prove to them that he was worthy before they’d fully offer him a job.

Knowing that Clown would go out into the crowd during the song ‘Tattered and Torn,’  Sid went to a Slipknot show ready to throw down and clocked Clown before he got the chance to leave the stage saying,

“He [Clown] would go out in the crowd and wrestle with kids, tie them up with microphone cords and drag them across the floor. So he would go into the crowd every show — I didn’t know this, I’d never seen the show before.

And I can see him looking at me through the mask, and he starts this ‘Kill me’ [chant], and I see him coming out from behind this drum, and I could just sense it. I was like, ‘He’s coming for me. He wants to prove to me that they’re crazy — and I am fucking nuts’.

So I’m like, ‘It’s on’. And I just start running, and I start leap-frogging people, grabbing their shoulders and just jumping over. And then I’m crawling across the top of the crowd. And I get up there, and he was getting ready to take one step off the stage. He looked down to get his placement, and he looks up, and I’m right there.

I grabbed him by the head while he was still on the stage. I counted to five and headbutted him on six, which is his number. He fell down on his fucking ass. It almost knocked him out.”

Clown knew immediately then that Sid’s destiny was to be in the band. Sid of course ended up fitting like a glove, with Corey Taylor even mentioning how quickly he got into the Slipknot aesthetic, saying later that (7:40):

“You have to learn the Slipknot way. There’s a mindset to it. The only one that really came in knowing how to get it was Sid, but he’s fucked up anyway.”

And there you have it. Want to be in your favorite band? Guess all you have to do is attack the guy that’s dressed like a clown.