The Nu-Metal Band Ozzy Osbourne Wanted to Be A Part Of

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Earlier this year, Ozzy Osbourne named some rockers he would want to start a supergroup with. While the Black Sabbath frontman shouted out some super-talented artists (both living and late), there’s also another group he has wanted to be part of – a nu-metal band that’s still going strong to this day.

During a past chat with Loudwire, Slipknot singer Corey Taylor opened up about the first time he ever met Osbourne, which would have been during Ozzfest 1999. Taylor has previously spoken about how Ozzfest helped put Slipknot on the map and has shared how it was Jack Osbourne’s fandom of the band that helped them get booked for the fest.

Reflecting on the first time he met Osbourne though, Taylor shares that he was introduced to the legendary heavy metal singer through his wife Sharon Osbourne. Upon meeting Osbourne, Taylor says that he expressed quite a profound sentiment to the Slipknot singer.

Speaking to when he met Osbourne, Taylor shares the following: “The first time I met Ozzy Osbourne, he made my life. I was sitting at a table, it was Ozzfest ’99. I was sitting at a table with Sharon and Jack, a couple of the other guys in the band. And out of nowhere, here comes Ozzy.

“Ozzy is like, ‘Sharon, I need help with this.’ And she introduced us, and he goes, ‘Oh, you’re in Slipknot? There’s nine people, right?’ He’s like, ‘I want to be number ten.'”

The Slipknot frontman goes on to conclude, “And he gave me a huge hug. It was like being baptized and knighted all at the same time because this is a guy that I have looked up to and listened to my whole life. And for him to kind of give me that moment, and he didn’t really have to, was huge. I’ve never forgotten”

It would be pretty cool if, at some point in their career, Slipknot invited Osbourne out on stage to join them and he rocked his own unique Slipknot mask.

Below you will find a video of Corey Taylor speaking about the first time he met Ozzy Osbourne.

Slipknot singer Corey Taylor talks about the first time he met Ozzy Osbourne