SZA Defends Love For Nickelback and Creed: ‘Why Do You All Hate it So Much?’

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The cultural tide of opinion has shifted regarding Creed and Nickelback; at one point in history, both bands would have been brushed off or treated as the butt of jokes, but in recent years, there’s been a newfound appreciation for each.

That said, there are those fans who have enjoyed both bands and have taken no issue with them, like R&B vocalist SZA. During a new conversation with Variety, SZA is asked who she has been listening to lately; among the various artists she name-drops, she brings up Nickelback and Creed, and shares how much she admires them.

Bringing up these bands, SZA says, “The other day you know what I pulled up? Creed, Nickelback, Train ‘Drops of Jupiter,’ just a whole bunch of that [interviewer facepalms, she bursts out laughing] … I know, I know! Wait, you know what’s crazy? Do white people hate Creed and Nickelback?”

She continues, “Why? Black people love them! They rock! That shit is bomb! Why do you all hate it so much? That voice…

The interviewer then shares that both bands “are just kind of cliche,” and then asks if she knew that one of Nickelback’s producers is working with Morgan Wallen.

In response, SZA continues to express her admiration for both acts and shares how much she enjoys the Creed song “Higher”:

“Okay, I don’t know if that’s where I was headed in the realm of ‘Yay, I was listening to Creed and Nickelback the other day in childhood nostalgia!’ (laughter) But I like Creed so much — ‘Higher’? Why are you hating on it? Have you ever felt more inspired and uplifted in your life?

“I’m in the car and I’m blasting ‘Higher,’ I feel like it’s a gospel song, the vocals are going crazy and it’s also somehow slightly romantic, it just feels so fun. Because even if it’s cliche, he’s so fucking dead ass! I will be a Creed fan forever. Like, it started just on a whim in the shower, ‘Oh, let’s play this,’ and then it became a week of Creed and Nickelback. (laughter)”

Are you someone who has come around to both Nickelback and Creed’s music? Speaking of Creed, in 2024, the band is embarking on a massive North American tour.