Shinedown’s Brent Smith Says These Artists Are ‘Necessary’ For Rock

Brent Smith Aldara Zarraoa / Getty Images
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Who are bands or artists you would consider to be “necessary” for rock and roll? Acts who are not only talented but are also important in some way regarding the genre’s growth? While talking about the band’s single “A Symptom of Being Human” during a new conversation with Loudwire Nights, Shinedown singer Brent Smith spoke about two acts he is in particular awe of.

One of those acts happens to be the Vacaville, California band Papa Roach, who was recently just out on tour with Shinedown. Talking about Papa Roach as a “necessary” rock band, Smith shares:

“You talk about what’s necessary in rock and roll and just music in general, and when I think of what’s necessary and when I think of a band that’s necessary, it is 100 percent Papa Roach. Those guys are on a different level, man. They’re a different breed and they make you better. They make you want to be better.”

Smith continues, speaking of his admiration for the band and their frontman Jacoby Shaddix: “I love those guys so much. Me and Jacoby [Shaddix] have known each other for two decades now and I was a fan in the beginning. I remember the very first time I got a chance to meet him and then I remember the very first time that we were on a festival show together. He was so welcoming and caring and he’s been the same dude today that he was, you know, 22 years ago.”

When it comes to another “necessary” act in the world of rock, another artist who stands out to Smith is Jelly Roll. “Talk about somebody that is 100 percent necessary,” Smith says in regard to the country-rocker.

For those unfamiliar, Jelly Roll (legal name Jason Bradley DeFord) began his career in 2003, his act featuring a blend of rap, country, and rock. Earlier this year he released his latest studio album, Whitsitt Chapel. Speaking of his admiration for Jelly Roll, Smith says:

“I love that man. I’m so happy for him and it is so awesome to watch his rise and it could not be more deserving to a guy — it didn’t happen overnight. This dude has been working his ass off…he is a hard, hard worker and it is so inspiring the watch. He’s a dear friend and I love him so much.”

What do you think of Smith’s shoutouts? Do you agree that Papa Roach and Jelly Roll are acts that are “necessary” for rock and roll?

Who are bands/artists you would consider to be “necessary” for the genre?