Sharon Osbourne Slams Rock Hall For Not Inducting Ozzy As a Solo Artist

Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne: Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images
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While he is very well known for his work in the Birmingham, England band Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne has also had an incredibly successful solo career, and according to his wife Sharon, she feels the rocker should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist.

Osbourne released his first solo studio album, titled Blizzard of Oz, in 1980; featuring such hits as “Crazy Train” and “Mr. Crowley,” Blizzard of Oz went on to become certified five times platinum. Following the release of Blizzard of Oz, Osbourne has gone on to release 12 more studio albums, his most recent being 2022’s Patient Number 9.

During a recent appearance on The Adam Carolla Show, Sharon Osbourne called out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for having not inducted her husband as a solo artist. In 2006, Black Sabbath was inducted into the Rock Hall, but at the time of this writing, Osbourne himself (as a solo act) has not been inducted.

Expressing her frustration over this point, Osbourne shares the following (as transcribed by Metal Hammer): “They know that Ozzy deserves to be there. They know he’s been a solo artist. You’ve gotta be doing it for 25 years. He’s been 43 years as a solo artist.”

She goes on to add: “He sold nearly a hundred million albums as a solo artist. So where is he? Induct him.”

Osbourne is asked if she has ever lobbied on behalf of her husband, to which she says: “I will never beg, and I will never ask for favours. I’ve never asked anyone for a favour. So, my thing is fuck you if you don’t realize that somebody really deserves to be here. And you don’t recognize that? Then, see ya.”

Do you agree with Sharon’s sentiments? Should Ozzy Osbourne have already been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist?

In other news related to the vocalist, Ozzy Osbourne reflected on his mortality and spoke about how much time he thinks he has left, sharing, “At best, I’ve got ten years left.” To find out what else he had to say, follow this link here.

Sharon and Kelly Osbourne on The Adam Carolla Show