Serj Tankian Picks Best System of a Down Songs For New Listeners

Serj Tankian: Chelsea Lauren / Getty Images
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According to Serj Tankian of the Glendale, California nu-metal band System of a Down, if you are going to introduce someone to the band’s music for the first time, there are four songs you should keep in mind.

Introducing someone to a new act can be both challenging and exciting – especially if that act happens to have a large catalog or is on the more extreme side of music.

When asked by Revolver what’s the best System of a Down song to play to someone who has never heard the band, Tankian takes the latter into mind and offers a specific suggestion for pop fans. Per the System of a Down singer:

“It really depends on what their musical flavor is. If they’re a pop person that you don’t want to freak out, then you might want to play ‘Aerials.'”

Tankian continues, sharing that if the person you are introducing SOAD to is open to different styles of music, then these three heavier songs are worth sharing with them:

“But if they’re someone that likes different types of music, [who are] open to many, many different types of music, then you play them something crazier or heavier.

“I think [for] most people, either ‘B.Y.O.B.,’ ‘Toxicity’ or ‘Chop Suey!’ seem to be their entry drug to System of a Down. That seems to be the way they get their foot in the door, so I guess one of those maybe.”

What do you think of Tankian’s picks when it comes to his own band? If you have been in the position to introduce someone to System of a Down, have you used either of these four songs? If not, which track(s) have you shared with folks?

In other news related to System of a Down, Tankian recently talked about how the band was “fucking scared” when it came to opening for Slayer in the late ’90s.