Ozzy Osbourne: ‘I’ve Got No Fear of Going to Hell’

Ozzy Osbourne: Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Images
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For Ozzy Osbourne, his family’s podcast The Osbournes has been a source of cheer during an otherwise difficult period of time. The past few years of the heavy metal legend’s life have been marked by health struggles, the rocker not being able to perform live and, according to his wife Sharon, he’s in a position where “he’s not self-sufficient.”

In late 2022, Osbourne said “The last four years have been sheer hell for me. I’ve been in such a bad… health-wise. Plus I got Parkinson’s diagnosis.” The brutality of his health struggles has had quite an impact on him, for during a recent chat with Metal Hammer, Osbourne says he has no “fear of going to Hell – I’ve been going there and back for the past five years.”

That said, alongside this sentiment, Osbourne notes that working on the family’s podcast has brought him some joy and provides him a means to get out of his head. Regarding the past few years of his life and the podcast, Osbourne shares the following:

“You know what, it’s been pretty grim around the Osbourne house for the past few years. I’ve got no fear of going to Hell – I’ve been going there and back for the past five years. But when you’re sick, all you can think about is you, so when they said about doing the podcast again, it was like, ‘Sure, it’ll get me out of myself again!’”

He continues, speaking to The Osbournes podcast itself:

“It’s just us! We have a real laugh with it you know, but it seems a lot of people are listening and liking it. It’s good because family always comes first for me.”

For those who have yet to check it out, The Osbournes features Ozzy, his wife Sharon, his son Jack, and daughter Kelly all together and sharing various stories. If you want to check it out, below you will find the latest episode of the show.

A couple of months ago, Osbourne underwent what he called his “final surgery” and according to Jack, the procedure went “really well.” However, Jack also added that he does not see his dad touring again.

The latest episode of The Osbournes