Lemmy’s Cringe-Inducing Encounter With Three Ex-Girlfriends On Live TV

Herki at Polish Wikipedia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
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Need a reminder about just how wild television could get in the ’90s? Check out this video from 1997, where rock & roll god Lemmy Kilmister gets ambushed by three former romantic partners on The Girlie Show

This late-night talk show, known for pushing the boundaries of good taste and common decency, aired for two seasons at 11pm on Fridays on BBC Channel 4. During its run in 1996 and 1997, The Girlie Show promised more danger and edge than any other contemporary British program.

Viewed by many as the televised version of the ladette movement, which saw women mimicking the antics that many feminists blasted men for, the show was the first to host The Spice Girls and had regular segments like ‘Wanker Of The Week’ where the likes of Jimmy Nail and Naomi Campbell received a dubious spotlight.

Despite its feminine liberation pose, The Girlie Show was criticized for exploiting girl power for the male gaze and reducing women to mere sex objects. One of its memorable moments is this interview with the Motörhead frontman, in which Lemmy gets quizzed about his sexual conquests (to which he replies “thousands”).

Pleasant as the interview is, an unwanted surprise comes when host Sarah Cawood brings out three of Lemmy’s ex-girlfriends, including Girlschool guitarist Kelly Johnson (who Cawood calls “the love of Lemmy’s life).

It’s no secret that Lemmy was a ladies’ man. With his rugged looks, gravelly voice, and rockstar status, he had no shortage of admirers. And while many would see being set up by an ex on national television as a nightmare scenario (let alone three of them), the musician takes it all in stride. Nothing could shake his cool exterior, not even being ambushed by three of his former partners.

The clip is a charming flashback to a different time, showcasing Lemmy’s easy demeanor in difficult situations.

Check it out right here, and play that awkward energy as loud as possible!