Jack Osbourne: I Don’t Think Ozzy Osbourne Will Tour Again

Ozzy Osbourne: Alberto Cabello, CC BY 2.0, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/deed.en, Wikimedia Commons
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For several years now Ozzy Osbourne has been struggling with health issues. Along with spinal and nerve pain, he has been dealing with Parkinson’s disease. In 2019, he fell in his home, and following that accident, the singer has needed multiple surgeries and hasn’t been able to perform live.

This past September, Osbourne underwent what he deemed his “final surgery.” Among the comments he expressed about this recent procedure, the vocalist shared, “[…] I’m not in any pain any more and the surgery on my spine went great.” He also mentioned that he intends on recording a new album in 2024.

However, what is the likelihood of Osbourne getting back out on the road for another tour? Well, according to his son Jack, he believes his dad will not tour again. In a new conversation with The Messenger, Jack talks about his father’s health and the idea of the heavy metal legend touring again.

Speaking about the idea of Ozzy touring, Jack says, “I don’t think he’ll tour again. But he’s gunning to do one-off shows — like festivals, gigs, things like that.”

He goes on to add, “He’s not done yet!”

Back in May, Ozzy shared that he is determined to keep performing, saying, “I mean, doing a live show is what I live for. I’ve had to cancel my [2023] European tour but I’m determined. I’ve gotta do more gigs if I have to get someone to wheel me out there.”

In regard to his dad’s “final surgery,” Jack says the procedure went “really well.”

Jack goes on to share, “There were a few hiccups, but he’s doing good. He’s got no more pain, no more nerve issues.”

While Osbourne may still need time to recover, perhaps the success of this recent surgery may allow him to more comfortably get back out on stage.