Watch: Fans Tear Into Machine Gun Kelly Following Awkward F1 Racing Interview

Machine Gun Kelly BSR Agency / Getty Images
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The other day (November 5th), Machine Gun Kelly attended the Brazilian Grand Prix, which is an F1 racing event. While there, MGK (legal name Colson Baker) took part in an interview with former racer and now Sky News employee Martin Brundle, and what played out between the two was awkward as hell.

In a video shared by HipHopDX on X featuring this interview, Brundle asks Baker about his career, but while doing so, Baker is reaching out and touching a pin on Brundle’s chest. Brundle explains what the pin is, and although MGK shakes his head, he goes on to ask Brundle, “What are you saying?”

Brundle repeats that he’s interested in learning more about Machine Gun Kelly’s career; Baker takes a beat to respond, then says, “Oh, my career,” and then adds, “I don’t think about my career. I don’t think about it.”

In response, Brundle says “Well I tell you what, good luck with it, whatever you do.” Brundle then asks Baker what he thinks of the racing business, to which MGK expresses several positive sentiments and talks about bumping into a race car driver while in the studio.

However, it’s following this that Baker brings up a request that’s likely meant to be playful but ends up turning into an awkward back-and-forth exchange. MGK asks Brundle what he thinks of the entertainment business, and after the latter talks about the relationship between music and racing, Baker asks him for his “best air guitar.”

Brundle says he can’t do air guitar but mentions that he tried piano back in the day; Machine Gun Kelly runs with this and asks him to do an air piano as he does air guitar. As MGK expresses his need for “keys,” Brundle denies his requests each time.

Eventually, Baker throws a thumbs down at the camera and walks away, Brundle walking away in the opposite direction and remarking, “Something tells me I won’t be on his Christmas card list.”

In response to this video from HipHopDX, fans have gone off in the replies calling out MGK for his behavior. Among the comments made about him, one user writes, “Does he know where he actually is?”

Another says, “What’s up w this dude lol this is insane”

And another says, “1. How are you gonna ask that man to do anything with his hands while he’s holding a microphone?
2. I don’t think about MGK’s career either.”

Below you will find the video of Machine Gun Kelly’s awkward interview with Martin Brundle.