Ex-Jay Weinberg Bandmate Laura Jane Grace Calls Slipknot Firing ‘Poetic Justice’

Avalon / Matt Winkelmeyer, Getty Images
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Not everybody is giving ex-Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg his flowers as he’s been dropped from the band.

Former bandmate of Weinberg, frontwoman Laura Jane Grace of the punk band Against Me!, took to X (formerly Twitter) to comment on Weinberg’s firing.

“If true, poetic justice” she wrote, quote tweeting a post from Rolling Stone magazine about the event. She then replied to her original tweet, writing “Oh does it suck to find out via Twitter little bitch boy,” further letting everybody know where she stands. She has since deleted the original tweet.

Weinberg and Grace didn’t end things in Against Me! on the best of terms. When he quit the band in 2014, he did so by announcing his exit via a Facebook post, as opposed to speaking to anybody in the band directly. In the years that followed, Grace hasn’t minced words about her feelings towards Weinberg. When it was originally announced he was joining Slipknot, Grace tweeted “Dear Slipknot, good luck with that. #shitbag”

Grace told Spin magazine in an interview, “I just woke up one morning and read on Twitter that he was leaving the band,” and never spoke to him since then.

Weinberg’s departure from New York hardcore legends Madball also wasn’t on the best of terms. Freddy Madball originally wrote,

“I’m letting Jay go in Canada because I just feel he doesn’t represent this band well on a character level. It would go against my own code of ethics to keep him around. Not saying he’s a bad drummer. I won’t take that away from him. But the reality is – he has a lot to learn about paying dues, and about life in general. Granted, he is a kid, but I’m not sure that he’ll ever be built for this particular lifestyle. I wish him the best of luck, but the Madball machine rolls on!”

Yesterday, Weinberg broke his silence about being let go of Slipknot, mentioning that he was “heartbroken and blindsided” by the departure. You can read his full thoughts here.