Who Is Sleep Token’s Singer Vessel | Identity of Members and More

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Sleep Token is a British metal band formed in 2016. The band is known for their anonymous gimmick, with all members wearing masks and cloaks during live performances and in promotional materials. The lead singer of the band, known as Vessel, has stated that their anonymity is important to them because they want their music to be the focus, not their identities.

Of course, this has led to much speculation, leading to the bands’ identities taking precedence over their music in many cases. Despite the band’s best efforts to remain anonymous, there has been much speculation among fans and music journalists about the true identities of the members of Sleep Token. Over the years, there have been many rumors and theories about who the band members might be, but none of them have been confirmed.

Is Sleep Token Don Broco? 

One of the most popular theories is that Sleep Token is a side project of members of the British metalcore band Don Broco. This theory is based on the fact that the two bands have never toured or released music at the same time and that Vessel’s voice sounds similar to Don Broco singer Rob Damiani. However, no concrete evidence supports this theory, and both bands have denied any connection.

Is Sleep Token’s Vessel Leo Faulkner? 

For ardent fans of Sleep Token, the identity of their frontman, popularly known as Vessel, has always been a point of intrigue. As deep divers and music enthusiasts unveil layers of information, it’s now widely believed that Vessel is none other than Leo George Faulkner. Born on 22 December 1993, Leo has a rich musical history that predates Sleep Token.

Before stepping into the spotlight with Sleep Token, Leo had embarked on his musical journey with a solo project named “Dusk”. He had also engaged with the online community through a YouTube channel, Monkeyl0rd22, showcasing his varied interests. Leo’s written prowess could also be witnessed as a writer for Sick Chipse. But his collaborative endeavor with Gemma Matthews in the band Blacklit Canopy stands out in his music timeline.

While on stage with Blacklit Canopy, glimpses of Leo can be caught even behind the mask he’s known to wear. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find both Leo and Adam Pedder’s names harmoniously listed in the ASCAP Repertory (as reported by Kill The Music). See below:

Further clues about Leo’s identity are artfully woven into Sleep Token’s music. A prime example is the lyrical masterpiece “Take Me Back To Eden”, where Vessel sings about a “Blacklit paradise”, hinting at his past association. Another breadcrumb can be picked from their third album’s song “Euclid” with the line “These ancient canopies”.

With each song and revelation, the world gets a clearer picture of the man behind Vessel. Yet, the enigma that is Leo George Faulkner continues to intrigue and captivate music aficionados worldwide.

Leo Faulkner, AKA Vessel

Sleep Token’s II| Adam Pedder 

Sleep Token’s rhythmic backbone is none other than their drummer, known to fans as II (as reported by Kill The Music). But behind this moniker lies one of the UK’s finest percussion talents, Adam Pedder. Born on 31 September 1991 in the scenic town of Swindon, Wiltshire, Adam’s drumming prowess is recognized and revered nationwide.

Before making waves with Sleep Token, Adam showcased his drumming expertise in multiple bands, such as Belial, As Winter Burns White, and Morbid Remains. For those seeking confirmation of Pedder’s identity, one needs to look no further than his Let’s Play Music session. Observant fans have noted that the drum kit he employs during the “Hypnosis” play-through mirrors the one used in this session.

With each beat and rhythm, Adam Pedder continues to solidify his reputation as a drumming virtuoso, making an indelible mark in the UK music scene.

Sleep Token’s III | Dave Ball 

Dave Ball, recognized by fans and followers as III, masterfully handles the bass for the renowned band, Sleep Token (as reported by Kill The Music). In January 2023, Sleep Token joined forces with the eminent band, Architects, gracing the stage at the iconic Mitsubishi Hall in Dusseldorf, Germany. As the tour buzzed with excitement, a memorable snapshot emerged. Captured by Adam Rosssi, this candid photo features Dave, donning a distinct hat, a gift from Northern’s esteemed guitar tech, Michael Petritsch. Further amplifying the tour’s fervor, Dave also shared a riveting performance at Berlin’s famed Verti Music Hall, a highlighted stop on Sleep Token’s German tour itinerary.

Sleep Token’s IV | Rhys Griffin 

IV is Sleep Token’s guitarist. Before joining the band, he played the guitar for band Continents between 2013 and 2019 (as reported by Kill The Music). Additionally, he was its vocalist. The professional guitarist started as the guitar tech for Sleep Token before becoming the guitarist and backup vocalist. The evidence is in the picture of him and Dave, where his eyes are a match for IV.