We Found Out Why Head From Korn Was In Converge Mastermind Kurt Ballou’s Studio

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Update: We at The Pit reached out to the man himself Kurt Ballou to find out what the hell was going on in the photo. When asked if they were working together, Ballou told us:

“Hah. Nothing me related. He was filming content for an organization he’s involved with and they needed a studio as a backdrop.”

Oh well. We can still dream about what a nu-metal Converge album would sound like.

Brian “Head” Welch, guitarist for the Bakersfield, California nu-metal band Korn, was recently seen chilling at the legendary GodCity Studio. Just what could he be up to there?

GodCity Studio is based in Salem, Massachusetts, and was founded by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou. A tremendous number of amazing metal, hardcore, and punk albums have been produced by Ballou through GodCity, and seeing the Korn guitarist in the studio brings a couple of questions to mind.

Could Welch be working on something related to Korn? Is he doing something for his own personal project Love and Death, or is he collaborating for someone else’s project?

Zach Weeks, who works at GodCity, shared several photos on Instagram and wrote about some projects he’s working on. Among the photos he posted, he shared a photo of himself chilling alongside Welch and Ballou.

In the caption associated with his recent photos, Weeks writes:

“Quick post about busy September at God City despite trying to take on less work 🙄 photos include: watching @thecanteenkilla play drums (18” hi hats, 18” floor tom, 20” kick…) for the first time after being friends for over a decade, making a freaky record with @chrisleero, legendary tools from @daddarioandco and associates, @_patrickmurphy’s @ludwigdrumshq setup (feat. @evansdrumheads & @meinlcymbals) while tracking blast beats for @s.p.i.d.e.r.g.o.d, some gear acquisitions, etc etc.

“Just FYI, my books are still gonna be closed for new clients until probably 2024. Still trying to work on myself and take time off when humanly possible. 💝

“Other projects in September included work on records for: @___rong_____ , @abramstheband , nouns. , @creulster , @saeddyr , and more (sorry if I forgot!!)”

In his own separate post, Welch shared a photo of himself with Ballou and expressed gratitude for a pedal the latter hooked him up with.

You can find his Instagram post, as well as Week’s, below.

In time we will hopefully discover just what Welch was up to while visiting GodCity Studio. In the meantime, what do you speculate the guitarist was doing?



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