This Is Probably What Would Happen If Rick Rubin and Paul McCartney Heard Cannibal Corpse

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In the summer of 2021, Hulu released a 6-part docu-series that teamed up Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney with producer über-alles Rick Rubin. Depending on your level of fandom and Covid fatigue, McCartney 3,2,1 was either an insightful reprieve from the monotony of daily life or a naval-gazing kick in the shins by two old white guys whose whole brand is false zen bullshit.

The premise was simple: Rick Rubin asked Paul about his life and overarching influences, and Paul answered candidly. Having secured rare master tapes from Abbey Road Studios, the pair dissected individual tracks at Rubin’s mixing board, discussing method, inspiration, and legacy.

The extended trailer for the series sees the duo in front of a giant mixing board as they prepare to pick apart a song.

“You up for listening to a bit of music?”  Rubin asks Sir Paul.
“Yeah, what ya got?” says McCartney.
“Here’s a little number…”

In comes the immortal Cannibal Corpse classic, “Hammer Smashed Face.”

Wait… what!?

YouTuber Bradley Hall, who describes himself as a “hairy rascal from the UK who makes silly videos”, put together the impeccably crafted parody. 

Explaining his inspiration, Bradley said (as reported by Loudersound): “A super funny meme edit of Paul and Rick ‘listening’ to All Star by Smash Mouth’s been going around recently, and I felt inspired to do my own version! I managed to find the stems to Cannibal Corpse’s Hammer Smashed Face online so went with that. Needless to say it turned out incredibly silly!”

Hall’s creation is a work of art, with individual Cannibal Corpse stems coming in and out of the mix as Rubin and McCartney adjust the faders and react to the particular sounds on the video. 

“It feels as if the bass is doing what an orchestra would do,” muses Rubin over an Alex Webster lick. If you think that’s something, just wait until McCartney gets on the faders at the one minute mark. It’s a stroke of genius.

As the video comes to an end, Rubin says: “Let me play something else. Very different.” Lo and behold, in comes Ulver’s Nattens Madrigal. Dear God….