The Rock Legend Who Says Taylor Swift is Braver ‘Than Most Rock Bands These Days’

Taylor Swift: Eva Rinaldi, CC BY-SA 2.0,, Wikimedia Commons
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Do you think Taylor Swift is braver than “most rock bands” nowadays? Because Rikki Rockett of the Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania band Poison sure does.

During a recent chat with the Totally ’80s podcast, taking part in their Sunset Strip-themed episode, Rockett spoke about the topic of whether or not “rock is dead.” Last year, in regard to the band’s run with Mötley Crüe, Rockett expressed that the success of The Stadium tour “proved that rock ‘n’ roll is not dead.”

However, in this more recent interview, the drummer says that he doesn’t feel rock has “any social cultural movement” taking place.

Though he starts off by saying “Nobody stands for anything right now,” he then goes on to bring up his admiration for Swift.

Regarding his feelings on the current state of rock and roll and his opinions on Taylor Swift, Rockett shares the following (as transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“I think every great musical movement has been sort of a cultural social movement. Like punk rock was extremely social. And what we were doing was a social cultural movement. I mean, you really had to commit to be into what we were doing. People would get thrown out of school and getting fights with their parents and ‘we’re not gonna take it’ — all that stuff. It really set America and the world on fire in a lot of ways. And then I think that grunge had a social cultural movement.

“I think Marilyn Manson had a social cultural movement. Now, I don’t think rock has any social cultural movement and that’s the problem. Nobody stands for anything right now.

“Actually, Taylor Swift has more bravery than most rock bands these days, not afraid to open her mouth and go against the man. Rock bands play the game now, man. So I think that for rock to really come back on top, it has to have something behind it, just like any great art. You can’t just do art just to do art. If there’s something behind it, that’s what really makes it great.”

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