System of a Down Singer Serj Tankian Has a New Book Coming Out

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Serj Tankian, singer for the Glendale, California band System of a Down, has announced that he has a new memoir coming out next year.

This new book, titled Down with the System: A Memoir (of Sorts), will not only offer a fascinating dive into Tankian’s music career but will also provide great insight into the frontman’s personal life.

Regarding some of the subjects covered in Tankian’s new book, the following details are provided:

“In DOWN WITH THE SYSTEM, Serj presents readers with a memoir that is far more than just a rock ‘n’ roll fable. It’s an immigrant’s tale, it’s an activist’s awakening, and it’s a spiritual journey from darkness toward light. And all of this comes down to the fact that Serj himself has had the chance to live an extraordinary life—thanks to a combination of luck, circumstance, struggle, talent, and spiritual awakening. Born to Armenian parents in Beirut, Serj grows up hearing bombs drop outside his childhood home during the country’s civil war, before moving to Los Angeles at the age of seven. As a young man, he is immersed in the SoCal community of ‘Little Armenia,’ learning more and more about the brutal genocide faced by his ancestors while helping his parents adapt to the constraints and contradictions of the American Dream.

“Then, during a pivotal drive home from an LSAT class, Serj decides to turn away from a promising future in business and law to make music instead—a decision that leads him to touring five continents as the lead singer of a hugely popular rock band, hitting number #1 on the Billboard album charts the morning of 9/11, and then having the hit single from the same album banned from radio two days later. In the years that follow, his uniquely singular story continues, as he evades glass bottles hurled at a cancelled show by angry Slayer fans, teams up with Tom Morello to push social justice causes on unsuspecting metalheads, argues with LAPD officers over the best way to quell rioting fans, and defines new sounds and singing tactics with Rick Rubin.”

Sharing news of his upcoming memoir on social media, Tankian writes the following:

“Boom! – I wrote a new book. I had a blast working on this accidentally hatched philosophical memoir as it’s given me the unique opportunity to deep dive into my family history, my own motivations from a young age and lessons I didn’t know I had learned.”

Serj Tankian’s new book, Down with the System: A Memoir (of Sorts), will be released on May 14th, 2024, and you can pre-order your copy today.

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