Sharon Osbourne Is Working on a Museum Dedicated to Ozzy’s Memorabilia and Career

Ozzy Osbourne: Carlos Varela, CC BY 2.0,, Wikimedia Commons / Sharon Osbourne: Eva Rinaldi, CC BY-SA 2.0,, Wikimedia Commons
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For those of you who live in Birmingham, England, or are willing to travel there, we have some awesome news for you: Sharon Osbourne is currently working on an Ozzy “memorabilia” museum. Sharon spoke about her work on this new Ozzy Osbourne museum during a new episode of the family’s podcast, The Osbournes.

It is among the various topics that come up during this recent episode that Sharon shares with her children Jack and Kelly that she has been collecting items for Ozzy’s museum. Speaking to her kids, Sharon shares (as transcribed by Kerrang!): “I’ve been busy trying to get together daddy’s memorabilia for the memorabilia place that we’re opening in Birmingham.”

Jack asks his mom if this means Ozzy will be moving back to live in the UK, to which Sharon replies:

“No, but he’s having all of his awards [in the museum], all his stage clothes, posters, old posters from [early incarnation of Sabbath] Earth days. I’ve got so much memorabilia.”

She goes on to add, “We’re gonna do it totally interactive – every video, every live show of your dad’s, everything there. It’s more of an educational thing for musicians and artists that wanna see that you can come from nothing, and if you work hard enough this is what you can get.

“We’re going to have a café, and in there we’re going to have every instrument you can think of. Music students can come in and we’re gonna do music classes, because there’s no music at schools anymore. We’re gonna get friends, other musicians to come in.”

Having the chance to walk around an Ozzy Osbourne museum and see so many historic pieces associated with the metal legend sounds like an incredibly great time. Once this place officially opens, we’ll be making plans to fly out to Birmingham.

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