Keith Buckley Opens Up On How Every Time I Die Ended

Keith Buckley Photo by Joey Foley/Getty Images
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It’s been nearly two years since the Buffalo, New York metalcore band Every Time I Die broke up. Following the announcement of their disbandment, former band vocalist Keith Buckley released a statement expressing his side of complaints regarding the band; following Buckley’s statement, ex-band bassist Steve Micciche released his own lengthy statement about the singer.

Suffice to say that what took place following Every Time I Die‘s break-up announcement was far from smooth.

So, in all the time that’s passed since, how does Buckley feel about Every Time I Die’s end?

Well, in a new conversation with Brooklyn Vegan, the singer opens up about the band’s conclusion.

Among the other topics discussed in this new interview, Buckley talks about what his life was like following the break up of Every Time I Die and talks about his new band Many Eyes (who just debuted their first single today).

It’s at the very end of the conversation that Buckley is asked about Every Time I Die and how he feels about how the band came to an end.

In response, the Many Eyes vocalist shares the following:

“I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and it only trends toward the greater good. I do think that at the time it was very confusing, and people get angry when they’re confused, but I think, as time passes and everyone looks back on it and we look back on it ourselves, I think that it will just make the most sense, considering who we always have been. I think that it was fitting, and I think that it was almost poetic. But I have no ill-will about it, and from now on, it is just the present into the future for me. But I am aware of how it impacted people’s lives, and all I can say is that I’m with you and I’m still here. And I promise we’re on this next leg of the journey together.”

Last month, Keith’s brother Jordan took to social media to clear the air regarding Every Time I Die’s disbandment. You can read what the former Every Time I Die guitarist had to say by following this link here.

If you have yet to check out the debut song from Keith Buckley’s new band Many Eyes, you can listen to it here.