Every Babymetal Album Ranked From Worst To Best

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Over the course of their 13-year-long career thus far, Tokyo, Japan’s Babymetal has cemented themselves as one of the most exciting bands performing today.

With the release of their debut album in 2014, Babymetal captivated audiences worldwide with their fusion of metal and pop; songs like the beloved “Gimmie Chocolate!!” offering crushing metallic riffs that eventually lead to a sparkly and super catchy hook – a brilliant combination that makes you want to both mosh and dance.

In the years since their formation in 2010, Babymetal has only honed their songwriting chops, each album featuring an awesome array of captivating pop-metal. This year alone, the band hit the road for an incredible co-headlining tour with Dethklok and dropped their fourth studio album, titled The Other One.

With 2023 proving to be quite the year for the band, we recently revisited their discography and ranked every Babymetal album from worst to best. Of the band’s four awesome albums – Babymetal, Metal Resistance, Metal Galaxy, and The Other One – which one do you think is their best to be?

Without further ado, here’s our ranking of every Babymetal album from worst to best.

4. Babymetal

At its finest, Babymetal’s 2014 self-titled debut provides rip-roaring songs that offer theatrical intensity in the form of metallic heaviness and electronic dance bliss. The fusion of pop and electronics alongside metal instrumentation is nothing short of exhilarating, the record providing an overwhelming sense of joy and rush. However, over its runtime, the band’s metal instrumentation does become a little repetitive. Babymetal makes for a strong debut, but it’s in the band’s future releases that you’ll find a more dynamic range in style and presentation.

3. Metal Resistance

On their sophomore follow-up, Metal Resistance, not only does Babymetal shift away from the repetitive elements found on their debut LP, but they also expand upon their stylistic presentation. While the metal instrumentation throughout Metal Resistance is riveting, Babymetal leans a little more into the use of electronics, which serves as a key component for Metal Resistance‘s success. While the band still conveys a great deal of heaviness through this album, it’s in those songs that stray away from stereotypical metal – making more for pop songs with metal touches – that we get the most interesting material from Babymetal. It’s this approach of using metal to elevate a pop song, rather than the other way around, that will prove to be a major success for Babymetal.

2. The Other One

The latest studio album from Babymetal, 2023’s The Other One, makes for an awesome fusion of the various technical and stylistic approaches the band has implemented throughout the years. Throughout its runtime, The Other One offers a plethora of technically intriguing compositions, each providing various twists when it comes to atmosphere, pacing, and style. While not as sonically explosive sounding or as vast in terms of musical flair compared to our number one pick, this album stands as an incredible testament to Babymetal’s craft.

1. Metal Galaxy

Coming off their sophomore album, Babymetal delivers what may be the most interesting record of their career. The songs on this album come across as electronic pop tunes that just happen to have metal elements woven into them – they are pop songs written with a metal sensibility. It’s with this approach to writing and performance that Metal Galaxy makes for the most sonically fascinating album Babymetal has released. It’s delightfully daring with its takes on metal, combining other styles of music to provide captivating and dynamic compositions. While The Other One features impressive displays of technicality, Metal Galaxy takes the cake when it comes to presentation, providing Babymetal fans with an astounding buffet of thrilling and catchy heaviness.