Watch: Bruce Dickinson Says His Upcoming Solo Project Is ‘Much More’ Than Just Music

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Last month, Bruce Dickinson of the English heavy metal band Iron Maiden announced that he’s releasing a new solo album, his first in nearly 20 years. This new release is titled “The Mandrake Project,” and according to the Iron Maiden singer, it involves “much more” than just music.

In a new video message he has uploaded to YouTube, Dickinson expresses his excitement for the upcoming release of The Mandrake Project. Among the points he shares in the video, he says that he’s been working on this new solo project since 2014.

Speaking to his fans, Dickinson shares the following (as transcribed by Metal Injection):

“So, everybody, everybody on the planet who’s been going, ‘Oh my god. What’s this solo thing gonna be all about when it finally happens?’ Well, it’s finally happening. It’s called The Mandrake Project, and’ of course, it’s music. But, it’s also much, much, more. More than that, I’m not gonna reveal for now, ’cause it will become self-explanatory and self-evident as we go through and reveal more layers of the onion for you all.”

The Iron Maiden frontman goes on to add:

“We’ve been working on this since 2014, when it wasn’t called The Mandrake Project. And it’s had time to grow and mature. And, oh my God, has it ever. I think you will be really, really excited. And, I hope you love everything that we’ve created for you.”

What could The Mandrake Project possibly entail beyond music? Only time will tell, and of course, we will keep you posted on all news related to Bruce Dickinson’s upcoming solo project as details are revealed.

Bruce Dickinson talks The Mandrake Project

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