Watch: Code Orange Goes Alt-Rock on Their Enchanting New Song ‘Mirror’

Photo: Tim Saccenti
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Back in July, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania band Code Orange released a new song titled “Take Shape” and announced that their new album, The Above, would be out in September.

Unlike the two previous songs the band had released, “Take Shape” showed what happens when Code Orange goes for rock music’s throat. They’ve eschewed hardcore song structure for finding the limits to where you can push a rock song.

Today, they’ve outdone themselves in a major way with “Mirror,” taking the band in a direction few would ever expect.

Besides some background vocal contributions from frontman Jami Morgan, the primary draw of “Mirror” comes from Code Orange guitarist and vocalist Reba Meyers.

Meyers provides an enchanting vocal performance that is heartfelt and captivating. Stylistically, while providing her own creative spin, she channels vocal qualities that are comparable to the likes of Alanis Morissette and Portishead’s Beth Gibbons.

Instrumentally the song also creates an atmosphere that is similar to the aforementioned acts, finding a level of serenity not often found in their music. Instead, it approaches an intensity from a different direction than straight “heaviness.” Meyers’ singing is stronger than ever, evolving her talents as a vocalist and musician further than ever.

The video also shows the band’s vision in a new way. The visuals switch between Meyers taking a singer-songwriter spotlight position and a bizarre claymation world that has a bizarre undercurrent running throughout.

Refusing to be compartmentalized by any one genre, Code Orange has continuously built upon its artistry with each new album. The band they are today is a far different creative beast compared to their “Code Orange Kids” days for sure. While they are a relatively young act, only 15 years into their career, it’s nothing short of incredible to see how far the band has come.

Below you can check out the music video for Code Orange’s new song “Mirror.” The Above is out September 29th, pre-order the album here.

Code Orange – “Mirror” official music video