Vince Neil and Mick Mars Can Agree on One Thing: This Wasn’t a Good Mötley Crüe Album

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Despite a decades-long relationship that saw them conquer the rock world multiple times over, Mötley Crüe is now embroiled in a bitter lawsuit with ex-guitarist and founding member, Mick Mars.

The band has outright dismissed Mars’ claims, refuting that “Mick’s lawsuit is unfortunate and completely off-base.”

But there’s one thing that Vince Neil and Mick can see to eye on- the quality of the band’s seventh studio album, Generation Swine.

Released in 1997, Generation Swine was a testament to the band’s evolving sound and image, while still grounding itself in the rebellion and grit that Crue fans had come to love. Vince Neil ceremoniously returned to the helm after initially parting ways with the band years earlier, too.

Neil’s comeback was not just a reunion, but also a reinvigoration of the classic Crue essence. However, the album sonically showcased a departure from their traditional glam metal sound, dabbling into alternative and industrial genres.

Songs like “Afraid” echoed the grungy tones of the era, while “Beauty” demonstrated an introspective side of the band. The first single, “Find Myself,” set a tone of wild unpredictability, characterized by its chaotic nature.

Generation Swine debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. Yet, it polarized fans and critics alike. Some applauded the band’s willingness to adapt and evolve, while others yearned for their 80s glam metal vibes.

So what did the band members themselves think of the record? Well, it’s a mixed bag.

Since the record was in production right when they got Vince Neil back in the band, he was pretty vocal about not wanting to make the record at all, saying:

“I just got back in the band and we weren’t really getting along with each other. I probably quit five times during the making of that album. Didn’t really want to be there.”

Elaborating further in a 2008 interview, Neil pulled zero punches: The last record, Generation Swine- it was a terrible record, ’cause there was too much experimenting. With this record, it’s just straight-ahead rock ‘n’ roll. That’s what we do best.”

Mick Mars was not in love with the final product either, saying:

“I didn’t like any of the songs on that album. I had a really rough time and every time I came up with a part it was always wrong. I always got criticized and my self-confidence got way down. It still eats at me, when I’m playing live and when I’m in the studio I still have that self-doubt. That album fucked me up.”

So there you have it- Mick and Vince can see eye-to-eye on one thing still. What do you think about the album? Let us know on our social media accounts.