Watch: An Old Slipknot Song Is Going Viral on TikTok, Drawing Nearly 800 Million Views

Corey Taylor: José Goulão, CC BY-SA 2.0,, Wikimedia Commons / jksylver TikTok
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While the Des Moines, Iowa nu-metal band Slipknot already has millions of fans around the world, it seems like they are about to attract a whole lot more. Over on TikTok, a Slipknot song is experiencing one hell of a fascinating viral moment, with videos associated with the track pulling in nearly 800 million views thus far.

Throughout their nearly 30-year-long career, Slipknot has created a plethora of hard-hitting and catchy bangers. So, of those tracks, which one is drawing the attention of hundreds of millions of TikTok users?

That song is none other than “Custer,” a track from Slipknot’s 2014 album, 5: The Gray Chapter.

On the social media platform, numerous videos have been uploaded featuring the song. For some of these videos, “Custer” has been included as background music as folks are seen doing dances like “The Macarena,”  the “Gangnam Style” dance, or twerking.

“Custer” is a hell of a banger without a doubt, but it’s fascinating that such an abrasive-sounding cut, featuring equally as abrasive lyrics, is resonating so immensely with TikTok audiences.

Interestingly though, it appears the popularity of “Custer” can actually be dated back to last year. In a Reddit post from 2022, several users discussed the sudden rise in popularity of the Slipknot song. Kicking off this discussion, one user wrote:

“guys why is custer suddenly one of their most popular tracks? (above tracks like the devil in i, wait and bleed, unsainted).”

One user wrote back, “It was popular on tik tok for weird thirst traps around a month ago”

In a more recent Reddit post, a user wrote about seeing Slipknot referred to as “so girlypop,” and wanted to learn more about what “girlypop” is. Providing context, a user wrote back and shared, “It’s a meme that started on TikTok. It originated from 2 girls doing a dance where they swayed their hips side to side during the Custer chorus. And they had a caption saying ‘Slipknot is so girly pop omg’.”

Regardless of the reason though, it’s pretty wild to see the Slipknot song gaining so much immense attention online. Below you will find some of the videos featuring people dancing to Slipknot’s “Custer.”

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