Nirvana Biographer Says Kurt Cobain ‘Was Jealous’ of Dave Grohl

Mystik Spiral, YouTube (MTV) / Dave Grohl: Lindsay, Uploaded by TheCuriousGnome, CC BY 2.0,, Wikimedia Commons
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In an upcoming expanded version of his 1993 biography, Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana, writer Michael Azerrad reveals new details about the legendary grunge band, Nirvana. As reported by Rolling Stone, Azerrad’s new book, The Amplified Come As You Are, is double the size of his original Nirvana biography.

Recently, Azerrad was invited to take part in a new episode of Rolling Stone’s Music Now podcast to talk about the 30th anniversary of Nirvana’s In Utero, as well as share some new revelations that are noted in his upcoming book.

Among those new revelations, according to Azerrad, the late Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain “was jealous” of his bandmate Dave Grohl. Per the writer, Cobain’s jealousy was due to Grohl being “normal.” Azerrad says that Cobain would, in a mocking way, call Grohl (as transcribed by Rolling Stone), “The most well-adjusted boy I know.”

Regarding Cobain’s jealousy of Grohl, the biographer shares:

“I think Kurt partly was mocking Dave for being fairly together and normal.

“He’s a popular, well-adjusted guy, he really is. And I think partly Kurt was making fun of that because he wasn’t a freak like Kurt. And he also was jealous. I think Kurt was a little bit jealous of Dave because Dave did have his act together.”

It has been well-documented that Cobain struggled with various troubles throughout his life, some of those struggles involving depression and addiction.

Grohl has had his fair of struggles as well, but it is probably fair to say that the Foo Fighters frontman has rarely found himself under the pop culture magnifying glass like Cobain was.

Below you can check out the entire episode of Rolling Stone’s Music Now episode featuring Nirvana biographer Michael Azerrad, which also features then Nirvana’s manager Danny Goldberg and Jim Merlis (the latter who was the band’s publicist in 1993 and 1994).