Like Father, Like Son? New Tapes Hint at Evil Urges in Jeffrey Dahmer’s Father

photos courtesy of Fox Nation
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The chilling saga of Jeffrey Dahmer, known for his heinous crimes, continues to unfold decades after he was bludgeoned to death in prison by a fellow inmate in 1994.

Recently, new never-before-heard prison tapes have surfaced, shedding light on a disturbing narrative suggesting that Dahmer’s father, Lionel, might have actually harbored evil urges akin to his son’s.

Although the details are still under scrutiny, this revelation has piqued the interest and concern of many, especially those who have been following the Dahmer case closely over the years.

These tapes have also reopened discussions surrounding the psychological and possibly genetic factors that might contribute to such deviant behaviors.

The tapes were unveiled in a new 4-part true crime documentary series from Fox Nation that charts the personal life of the notorious serial killer and cannibal. Through prison conversations between Jeffrey and Lionel, and exclusive Dahmer family home movies, the series offers a brand-new insight into Jeffrey’s psyche and his relationship with his father.

Watching the doc, it’s not just what Lionel says that feels so “off”, but the questions he asks his son and his overall calm demeanor when talking about such abhorrent subject matter: What was the very first fantasy, I was wondering that you could remember having which you thought to yourself was kind of odd or disturbing?”

Jeffrey Dahmer: “Remember that small, one-by-one square foot box? You know, what was in it, don’t you?” Lionel Dahmer: “No.”

Jeffrey Dahmer: “The mummified head.” Lionel Dahmer: “Oh, I see.

And the biggest head-turner of the whole series was this bombshell comment from Lionel: “I had weird thoughts too, in my childhood… You’re just like me, Jeff.”

Victims of Jeffrey Dahmer have long expressed their anger and disappointment towards Lionel, whom they believe could have played a role in stopping Jeffrey had he noticed the red flags earlier on: “I feel like that he knew something was wrong with Jeff and he tried to put him in the military even, to get rid of that problem.”

Lionel himself admitted to spotting early signs that something was “off” with Jeffrey, including how as a kid he “felt them [dead animal body parts], explored them-their insides, their entrails and terrible things like that.”

Furthermore, in a reflective stance, Jeffrey Dahmer’s father himself acknowledged in past interviews that there might have been chances to halt the murderous spree of his son, which he unfortunately missed.

The emergence of these prison tapes has not only brought back the nightmarish memories of Dahmer’s crimes but also posed unsettling questions regarding the existence of evil urges within his family lineage. As investigations continue and discussions deepen, the enigmatic nature of evil, whether it’s a learned behavior or a hereditary trait, remains a topic of fervent debate. For now, you can watch the four-part series here.