Krist Novoselic On Nirvana Hologram Show: ‘When Do We Start?!’’

Kurt Cobain: Mystik Spiral, YouTube (MTV) / Krist Novoselic: Joe Mabel, CC BY-SA 3.0,, GFDL, CC-BY 2.5 granted by photographer, Wikimedia Commons
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Prior to the debates taking place today about AI, one form of technology that was already stirring up much conversation was the use of hologram imagery. In such cases as the late rapper Tupac Shakur and Black Sabbath and Dio singer Ronnie James Dio, hologram tech has been used to reconstruct the likeness of these artists for live performances.

Of course, this brings up a whole lot of debate, with some questioning the morality of using a hologram likeness of someone who has passed away for entertainment.

Alongside Tupac and Dio, Swedish pop icons ABBA have also utilized hologram technology for shows; there are actual concerts where the show is just “ABBA” as digital avatars. We mention the pop act specifically because when asked if he would be down for a similar type of performance involving Nirvana, band bassist Krist Novoselic has expressed some slight interest in the idea.

During a recent chat with MOJO Magazine, Novoselic talks about two live performances from late 1993 and early 1994 that make an appearance on the band’s special 30th-anniversary edition of In Utero.

Regarding his excitement for these shows to be heard, Novoselic brings up how AI technology is able to assist with mixing. Per the Nirvana bassist:

“The shows rock. They need to be heard. Now with the AI, you can take a stereo mix and then break it down into a multitrack. So you can get really good mixes. They sound raw. And you get Kurt up there who’s just carrying the show. Amazing.”

It’s toward the end of the feature where MOJO suggests to Novoselic the idea of an “ABBA Voyage-esque ‘Nirvanatar ’show.” How does Novoselic respond? Well, he does a little bit of a back-and-forth – per Novoselic:

“You never know! I’ll say ‘no way’, then it’s like, ‘How much?? When do we start?!’”

How would you feel seeing Nirvana perform live with a hologram version of Kurt Cobain? In a separate interview, Novoselic recently expressed interest in releasing new music with his former Nirvana bandmates.