Fans Raise Over $40k After Twitching Tongues’ Taylor Young Loses Home + Studio

Taylor Young (Bo Lueders via GoFundMe)
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Recently, Taylor Young (of Deadbody and Twitching Tongues) and his wife Kylla were served an eviction notice, the couple given 60 days to leave their home/studio, known as “The Pit” (no relation to this website).

For over a decade, his studio The Pit has produced a plethora of brilliant metal, hardcore, and punk albums. Young has worked alongside such bands as God’s Hate, Drain, Incendiary, and many more.

However, Young and his wife are now being forced out of their home, and the community has come together on GoFundMe to do what they can to help them,

Bo Lueders, the guitarist for the Chicago metallic-hardcore band Harm’s Way, established a GoFundMe for Young and his wife on September 17th.

Within the time that’s passed, the metal, hardcore, and punk communities have raised over $40,000 for the couple.

Below is a statement Lueders provided as part of his GoFundMe for Young and his wife:

RIP The Original Pit Studio

Last week, Taylor Young and his wife Kylla were unexpectedly given 60-days notice to vacate their home/studio of 17+ years, AKA The Pit.

Taylor and The Pit have been a pivotal part of California’s entire hardcore/punk/metal ecosystem, recording and mixing bands such as Drain, Militarie Gun, Mindforce, Sunami, Rotting Out, Twitching Tongues, God’s Hate, Suicide Silence and many more.
He has been consistently recording/housing hardcore, punk and metal bands from all over the world since 2011, and now they will have to find and rebuild a new space from scratch, losing all income until a new space is complete.

They were adamantly against the idea of a GoFundMe, but after personally witnessing the community come together during times of crisis and how beautiful it can be, I have decided to make this on their behalf. Every single cent donated will be entirely invested in rebuilding The Pit’s new studio location and every single donor will play a vital role in every new piece of music that comes out of studio as long as it exists.

Long live the pit.

— Bo Lueders

If you are interested in learning more or donating to Lueders’ GoFundMe for Taylor Young and his wife, you can do so by following this link here.

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