Every Disturbed Album Ranked

Ten Thousand Fists: Greg Capullo & Todd McFarlane (artwork), Reprise & Intoxication, Disturbed / Indestructible: David Finch (cover illustration), Reprise, Disturbed / Asylum: Raymond Swanland (illustrations), Reprise, Disturbed
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Over the course of nearly 30 years, Disturbed has cemented itself as one of the biggest names in mainstream heavy metal.

Originally formed in Chicago in 1994, the band released their first album The Sickness in 2000. It proved to be an outstanding success, not only did it debut on the Billboard 200 chart, but The Sickness has gone on to be certified 4x platinum since its release.

Since then Disturbed has traveled all around the world, releasing seven more studio albums, their latest being 2022’s Divisive.

With such a prolific discography, we decided to rank the records. Which album is your favorite?

8. Asylum

2010’s Asylum features some truly sick riffs from the band and incredible vocal melodies from frontman David Draiman. But while the album does provide a plethora of thrills and gripping emotions, it also makes for one of the band’s more restrained experiences sonically speaking. While it sounds cool, there’s a flow and tone to the record that doesn’t change too drastically throughout. It’s a solid Disturbed album, but not one that highlights the band’s greater talents.

7. Evolution

Much like the band’s previous 2015 record Immortalized, Evolution shows off the band’s technical brilliance. But while that previous LP was an incredible leap forward in the band’s sonic variety, Disturbed focused on delivering more of the same with Evolution. It’s solid, but it doesn’t do anything to differentiate itself from what the band did on Immortalized.

6. Believe

2002’s Believe makes for an incredible follow-up to Disturbed’s massively successful debut. Here, the band continues to show off their chops when it comes to industrial and nu-metal chaos, blending riveting metallic riffs alongside epic and anthemic melodies. Much like The Sickness, Believe highlights Disturbed’s incredible ability to fuse catchy hooks into aggressive rhythmic compositions, making for an intoxicating blend of metal appeal.

5. Indestructible

Coming off of 2005’s Ten Thousand Fists, Disturbed delivers an exhilarating work of heavy metal in 2008’s Indestructible. The band leans hard into riveting metallic riffs and turns their sonic intensity up to 11. Featuring a variety of somber ballads that ooze with emotion, to extremely electric cuts that exude their own brand of captivating feels, Industricble is one of the most exhilarating records Disturbed has made.

4. Immortalized

Among the band’s discography, 2015’s Immortalized features some of the most captivating and exciting instrumental performances to ever come out of the band. Incorporating elements of their nu-metal, industrial, and hard rock eras, Immortalized is brimming with a vast palette of sonic diversity. Each new song on this Disturbed album brings with it incredible surprises, constantly keeping the listener on their toes.

3. Divisive

Another Disturbed album that features jaw-dropping performances is the band’s latest release, 2022’s Divisive. With the band having gone a little further into their rock sound with Immortalized and Evolution, Divisive makes for a stunning return to their nu-metal and industrial roots. But rather than provide a straightforward presentation of heavy music, Disturbed takes everything they’ve learned in terms of songwriting construction and creative innovation and applies it here, making Divisive one of Disturbed’s most creatively exciting records to date.

2. Ten Thousand Fists

Disturbed’s Ten Thousand Fists is one of the most epic-sounding metal albums of the 2000s. Coming off of The Sickness and Believe, the band decides to expand their sound and go a little further into hard rock; they don’t abandon their nu-metal sound by any means, but they provide fans with an even more eclectic range of style. Ten Thousand Fists makes for a roaring work of anthemic rock, heavy metal adrenaline, and an overall work of stunning and moving emotion.

1. The Sickness

While the band has gone on to build upon and innovate their sound, 2000’s The Sickness stands today as their most thrilling work. Besides featuring the band’s biggest hit of their career (i.e. “Down With The Sickness”), The Sickness is one of the defining records of the nu-metal genre. Whether you first heard this record in 2000 or are hearing it for the first time today, this Disturbed album provides a timeless sense of sonic ferocity, making it one of the most memorable experiences in heavy metal.