Corey Taylor: I Knew Stone Sour ‘Would Never Have the Same Impact’ as Slipknot

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Last we heard from Corey Taylor about Stone Sour, the Des Moines, Iowa rock band’s future seemed quite uncertain. While talking about the band in a conversation earlier this year, Taylor said that he refuses to “compromise [his] vision and [his] art because of certain people’s hindrances.” Prior to this comment, in a 2022 interview with The Green Room podcast, Taylor expressed that he felt “Stone Sour has kind of run its course for now.”

During a more recent conversation Taylor took part in with Metal Hammer, the topic of Stone Sour’s future once again came up. Based on what the frontman has to say, fans probably shouldn’t hold their breath for any kind of reunion.

While talking about the band, Taylor reflects on his decision to bring Stone Sour back in 2002 while Slipknot was on a brief break. Speaking to that decision, which Taylor says “was a very selfish thing,” he shares:

“I knew that at the time I didn’t write music as good as the guys in Slipknot, I wasn’t confident in my abilities, I contributed that much [makes tiny space between his thumb and index finger]. Reforming Stone Sour meant I got better as a songwriter and was able to contribute music to Slipknot. But it came from a purely selfish place of just wanting to feel like I could do it.”

Taylor is then asked if he has ever wanted Stone Sour to become bigger than Slipknot, to which the vocalist says, to the point: “No.”

Expanding on this, Taylor goes on to add, “I knew we would never have the same impact. You have one chance at grabbing lightning, and Slipknot was that chance. When I was young, maybe I wanted to have more credit [for Slipknot] from an ego standpoint. It’s only in retrospect that you can look at it and go, ‘I was actually a very big part of it.’”

So, what’s to come of Stone Sour’s future? It has been six years since the band released an album, their latest being 2017’s Hydrograd. Well, according to Taylor, he says he’s “in no hurry to do it again,” adding, “let’s put it that way.”

As to why he’s in no rush, well, as Taylor puts it: “The reasons are nobody’s business.”

Do you hope that at some point Stone Sour makes a return?