Code Orange’s Jami Morgan: ‘I Feel Like The World Needs Rock Bands’

Photo: Tim Saccenti
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Next week, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Code Orange will be releasing their fifth album, The Above. With each new record they’ve released over their 15-year career thus far, the band has continuously expanded upon their artistry, defying convention and crafting captivating aggressive music.

For band vocalist Jami Morgan, there’s an artistic desire for Code Orange to grow and become more. As he shares in a new interview with Dork, while the band has their roots in hardcore, Morgan wants Code Orange to stand as a “forward-thinking rock band.”

Alongside this desire, Morgan expresses a personal belief regarding the state of rock music. According to Morgan: “I feel like the world needs rock bands.”

Expanding on this point, the Code Orange singer goes on to share:

“I feel like the world doesn’t necessarily need more amazing hardcore bands because there are great hardcore bands, but hardcore is not just a kind of music, it’s a culture, and it’s in our blood. You can even hear musically a lot of elements of it on the record. But I would love to represent in this world as a forward-thinking rock band.”

Following this, Morgan speaks to the variety of sounds and styles that are present throughout The Above. Not only will the band’s new album feature elements of rock and hardcore, but you can also expect to hear a lot more. Per Morgan:

“On this record, you’re going to hear rock, you’re going to hear metal, you’re going to hear extreme metal at times.

“You’re gonna hear hardcore, electronic music, industrial, a little bit of hip-hop stuff, pop, fucking singer-songwriter stuff. It’s all the dark arts! It’s all in the world of things that we do. But I don’t see that as a bad thing; I would love to represent as the next great rock band, not just as a rock band.”

A couple of weeks ago, the band released their fourth single from The Above, titled “Mirror.” Code Orange’s new album comes out on September 29th – you can pre-order the record by following this link here.