Watch: Blink-182 Announces ‘One More Time…’, First Album To Feature Classic Lineup in 12 Years

Blink-182 photo by Jack Bridgland
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Per a new trailer the band has uploaded online, Blink-182 has announced that they have a new album coming out next month. This record, titled One More Time…, not only marks the band’s ninth studio album, but it’s also their first record to feature their classic lineup in 12 years. Of course, that classic lineup consists of bassist and vocalist Mark Hoppus, drummer Travis Barker, and guitarist and vocalist Tom DeLonge.

In the band’s trailer for One More Time…, which you can view below, they discuss the various challenges they have gone through, both individually and as a band.

DeLonge and Hoppus discuss when the former decided to leave Blink-182 back in 2015 and the tension that was present among the parties.  While there was a time when he wasn’t sure whether or not he would create music or tour again, DeLonge shares that finding out Hoppus was sick served as a motivator for him to connect with his friends.

In 2021, Hoppus shared with fans that he had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer; thankfully, in the following year, he announced that he was cancer-free.

DeLonge would return to Blink-182 in 2022, rejoining the pop-punk icons in time for an epic tour with Turnstile.

Speaking about the upcoming record, Barker says the album was written with the notion in mind of “Why does it take these catastrophes like me being in a plane crash or Mark being sick for our band to get back together.” The plane crash Barker is referring to took place in 2008 – he was critically injured and four people died.

One More Time… sounds like it’s going to be one hell of an emotional experience. Below you will find the trailer featuring the members of Blink-182 talking about their past struggles and this upcoming album.

The album officially releases on October 20th; this coming Thursday (September 21st), the band will release the first single from the album. If you want to get ahead and pre-order the new record, you can do so via this link here.

Blink-182 announces One More Time… album