Alex Webster on Cannibal Corpse’s Future: ‘This Is Not Gonna Get Easier’

Cannibal Corpse Photo by Alex Morgan
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The Buffalo, New York band Cannibal Corpse has been traveling around the world and performing crushing death metal for three and a half decades, which is pretty wild to think about.

While playing music in general is a physically demanding activity, playing extreme music is likely to bring some major ware and tear upon one’s body. Recently, while chatting with The Rockman Power Hour, Cannibal Corpse bassist Alex Webster addressed such matters and spoke about the band’s future.

Speaking to the impact that playing death metal can have on one’s body, Webster shares (as transcribed by Metal Injection):

“Death metal and the other kinds of extreme metal are really physical kinds of music. First of all, just in the execution of it, and then also if you’re doing a stage performance where you wanna really be headbanging and moving around, that’s all stuff that’s, it’s physical. I mean, everything — playing folk music is physical, but for sure what we’re doing is probably gonna get the sweat going a little more.”

Webster goes on to talk about how, as he’s gotten older, he’s made more efforts to take care of his health. When it comes to habits one might do in their twenties, such as excessive drinking and eating junk food, he says, “you just can’t do that, at least I can’t in my fifties.”

The Cannibal Corpse bassist then goes on to address the future of the band, and while they feel good now, he acknowledges that things are not gonna get easier for them, in a physical sense. Per Webster:

“It’s physical music. We’ll see how long we can keep doing it. Right now we feel great and we don’t see any end in sight, but, to be realistic, this is not gonna get easier, so we’ll see where it goes. I feel that there are many years ahead of us, as long as we keep track of the things, keep track of our physical health, really. That’s very important.”

Cannibal Corpse just released their 16th studio album, Chaos Horrific. Last week, they dropped a super bloody music video for their title track. Webster also recently discussed the idea of Cannibal Corpse touring with Six Feet Under.

Alex Webster interview with The Rockman Power Hour