Slaughter To Prevail’s Alex Terrible Reacts To Sleep Token: The Vocals Sound ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Gay’

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Alex Terrible of the Russian deathcore band Slaughter To Prevail is a big fan of aggressive-sounding metal – so how might he feel about more atmospheric and alternative metal like Sleep Token?

When it comes to mainstream metal, Sleep Token has been experiencing quite a glow-up in recent months. Even before their newest album, Take Me Back to Eden, was getting positive praise from critics and fans, several of the band’s songs became viral sensations. The band even sold a whopping 10,000 tickets for an arena show in under 10 minutes.

Sleep Token’s brand of droning pop-metal has captivated thousands of metalheads, and non-metalheads, around the world. But is their atmospheric heaviness enough to interest the Slaughter To Prevail singer?

Over on his YouTube channel, Alex Terrible (real name, Aleksandr Shikolai) has uploaded a reaction video that involves him listening to Sleep Token for the first time.

At the start of the video, Shikolai acknowledges that Sleep Token is a big band, but having never heard them before, he wants to better understand why they are big.

For this reaction video, Shikolai opts to check out the music video for Sleep Token’s song “The Summoning.” After listening to the song for a little, the very first thing the vocalist says is: “Who the fuck is this guy?” He goes on to add that he’s “very surprised,” and that he thought the music was going to be “much heavier.” Among other comments he shares, Shikolai says that he likes the vocals and that they sound “beautiful,” but he also says they sound “gay.”

This comment probably won’t go over too well for some folks, given that the Slaughter To Prevail vocalist has already been accused of being “homophobic.”

If you are curious to find out what more Alex Terrible thinks of Sleep Token, below you will find both a brief clip of his reaction, as well as the full roughly 13-minute-long video.

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Full Video of Slaughter To Prevail’s Alex Terrible Reacting to Sleep Token