Yikes: eHarmony Commercial Uses Iced Earth Shirt

Via eHarmony/FBI
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eHarmony’s latest campaign, “Get Who Gets You”, used a band shirt in a recent ad that wound up being a pretty bizarre choice.

Within mere seconds of a recent advertisement highlighted by MetalSucks, a female actress a faded Iced Earth T-shirt, sniffs it, and promptly removes it. Anyone familiar with the band’s logo can pretty quickly spot it.

The intent behind incorporating a metal band’s shirt in an eHarmony advertisement seems obvious enough. Metal enthusiasts are often perceived as a niche, tight-knit group, and the advertisement seemed to play on the narrative of finding love within one’s unique community. A heartfelt message, until one takes a closer look at the timing and context.

This commercial was released roughly eight months ago, suggesting it was filmed either in 2021 or 2022. This period closely follows the time when Iced Earth’s Jon Schaffer was implicated as a participant in the January 6, 2021 insurrection at the United States Capitol. Schaffer, the rhythm guitarist and key songwriter for Iced Earth, faces sentencing in February 2024 for his role in the event.

Given this context, eHarmony’s choice of an Iced Earth shirt, even if unintentional, feels strange to see now. The sentiment of seeking someone who understands and accepts you, even if you’re an “outsider” in societal norms, is commendable. But the unintentional reference to a band now infamous for its member’s controversial actions casts a shadow.

While Iced Earth was popular well before 2021, and it’s possible eHarmony’s team didn’t give the shirt a second thought, it stands as why it’s important to do a little bit of research on who a band is. After all, a seemingly innocent shirt can carry significant baggage. Thankfully it wasn’t a Burzum shirt.

Schaffer, meanwhile, awaits sentencing after pleading guilty to charges including obstructing an official Congress proceeding and trespassing on restricted Capitol grounds armed. With other charges dropped, he has since cooperated with investigators.

See the ad below.