Watch: Trapt Screws Up Their One Song in Front of Pitifully Tiny Crowd

Bill Barton, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Oh, Trapt.

Remember the beginning of the pandemic when the nu-metal one-hit-wonders decided to run their mouths against seemingly every band against the sun? A staunchly right wing musician, frontman (and “mastermind”) Chris Taylor Brown had a huge meltdown on the platform right as the lockdown began, defending Donald Trump and calling people victims. You know, typical, normal behavior.

This made them the main characters of the platform for a minute, as everyone from Dance Gavin Dance to I Prevail decided to unload on Brown, clowing him and his band for being ignorant, and, well, kind of bad. All of that has been compiled over on The PRP.

One person he went after was Cane Hill frontman Elijah Witt, and now a few years later, Witt’s really having the last laugh. On August 16 as reported by Metal Injection, Witt posted a video of Trapt performing in a club, to an absolutely pitiful audience.

It’s a pretty hilarious sight. Trapt have an intricate stage set up with scrims, a backdrop and more, and in front of them is maybe 30 people tops. If that wasn’t sad enough, the clip shows them start their one song, “Headstrong.” Somehow, the band forgets the incredibly complex riff and butchers the beginning of the track. It’s truly embarrassing.

This may surprise you, but for the most part, we don’t take a lot of pleasure in kicking bands when they’re down. Most people probably wouldn’t make Trapt the butt of every joke if it wasn’t for Brown being a idiot on Twitter. The lockdown nonsense wasn’t the first time Brown made an ass of himself online, as he went and challenged Riley Gale and Power Trip at the height of their popularity to see who would outdraw who.

All that to say, sometimes people get what they deserve, and Trapt deserves every bit of scorn they get.

Watch Trapt Screw Up “Headstrong”